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Free Website Monitoring Tool

Free Website monitoring - 24X7

Having a reliably functioning website is essential for the success of your business. We will monitor your website 24X7 from our servers and notify you whenever your site goes down, so that you can quickly address the issue and keep your customers happy!

Get Uptime Reports

Along with availability, a good response time is key to the success of your website. Get to know how long your site takes to respond to users throughout the month, using our handy charts. Through our service, youíll be able to catch design flaws in your website, and get more customers interested in your business. As a bonus, you can also provide your IT manager with up-to-date uptime statistics.

Get SMS/Email Notification

Now you donít have to check your website every 15 minutes just to make sure itís online. Whenever your site goes down, we will alert you by email of SMS notification, so you can relax, and go back to your dinner!